Thursday, March 28, 2013

How far is your next house from a grocery store?

Moving to the suburbs is nice, without the hustle and bustle of city living.
Before you make the move to that quiet community outside the city limits, you have to consider how far you would have to go for your groceries and entertainment? With the cost of gas these days is it worth the extra trips and extra wear and tear on your car?

Are you moving or looking to move in the near future?
How would you like to find out how walkable the neighborhood is?
Or even how walkable your current neighborhood is.
How far would you have to go to a restaurant or grocery store?

Zillow, the online real estate search tool, uses Walk Score to give this information.
Find the house you are looking to buy and scroll down to the neighborhood section. There will be a link for the Walk Score of this address. It will also tell you right there what the current Walk Score is.
Then when you click on the Walk Score link, it will tell you how far a restaurant, grocery store, school, and museums might be.

The Walk Score of my current house is 3 out of 10 ...Car dependent. If it weren't for the great deal I got on the house over 10 years ago and the excellent school system I would definitely have to consider moving. For now I'll stay put.