Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Slow It Down

Not looking to buy a new car, but still want to get higher mileage?
Are you getting the optimal mileage from that new vehicle that was advertised?

So walking and bicycling is not an option, but you want to get the most mileage from you daily drive.

Here is a good test. Drive the way you normally do and record your mileage for the next two fillups.
This way you can take the average of the two tank fulls.

Then for the next two weeks, really work to slow yourself down on the highway and easy on the gas pedal. You may want to take a little more time to get to work so you can honestly slow it down.

If you have a lead foot you will most likely see a difference in the number of miles you get from one tank full.

I just experienced this myself on the highway. I reduced my speed to about 68 MPH from 75 MPH on a stretch of highway where the speedlimit is 65.  Of course I felt like I was standing still as most everyone was passing me left and right.  I did get the results I was looking for and increased my mileage by 5 - 10%.

I was a bit nervous at how most people were passing me at that speed. I also felt I was holding up traffic when groups of cars and trucks would pass me. I know I should not feel that way, as I was driving closer to the speed limit than most everyone else.

I do watch my speed now and try to reduce the "Lead Foot" syndrome that seems to aflict most drivers today.  Must be that most drivers can afford todays fuel prices????


  1. fuel additives do increase your car's mpg, and they do accelerate combustion, which gives your vehicle more power and an overall smoother performance.

  2. Test drive to see if the car lives up to its specifications.

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