Thursday, July 1, 2010

Save Fuel for the Summer Travel Season

Not driving a hybrid or an alternative fuel vehicle, but still want to get the maximum mileage out of your vehicle this summer?
Travel light: remove all those extra pounds you carry in the trunk of your car. Less weight puts less stress on the engine therefore giving you optimal mileage.
Keep the tires at proper pressure: under-inflated tires increase rolling resistance causing the engine having to work harder thus decreasing mileage.
Wash and wax your car: This deceases wind resistance on the body of the vehicle and therefore giving you better mileage.
Reduce A/C Usage: Many upgraded vehicles have automatic temperature control in the cabin. You keep it at that constant 70 degrees no matter what the weather outside. This means you are always driving with your A/C on. Sometimes more sometimes less, but it is always on. Having the A/C on reduces mileage significantly. On cooler days and when you are just driving around town (not on the highway/freeway) turn the automatic temp control off and see your mileage get better.
Do proper maintenance on your vehicle: Change the oil, change the transmission fluid, and lubricate appropriate parts. This reduces friction to internal engine parts allowing for optimal mileage.
On the road, keep your speed as constant as possible and drive within the speed limit. You'll get to your destination safely and you'll also reduce your fuel consumption.

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