Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Auto Shows are featuring fuel efficiency???

It's a new year and auto makers have their annual car shows where they feature their latest creations. The place where the general public can preview the new models that every car manufacturer has for sale.
The annual auto show in Rochester New York is similar. It is not quite as large as the one in Detroit or in Los Angeles, but none the less a good venue to see what new cars are on the market all under one roof.
As the show was announced on one of the local TV stations, the show was dubbed as "featuring fuel efficiency". They happen to be standing in front of the new V6 Ford Mustang that is supposed to get 29 MPG on the highway. Then, I guess the Camaro V6 gets similar MPG numbers. the true 17 to 19 MPG that you get is good???
OK I digress.
My point is that they should have been featuring fuel economy way back then. I would think the masses want fuel economy. Especially from the "big" 3.
I will need to visit the show to see if the claims are true with respect to featuring true fuel economy.

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