Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chevy Volt to cruise into California NEXT YEAR??

Wow!!! Finally... Or should I say AGAIN??
OK is anyone else as confused as I am?
Chevrolet is going to TEST the electric vehicle market in California.

I thought this was done already. Didn't they have an electric car already?
Oh yeah I remember they discontinued the EV because hydrogen was supposed to be the next better thing.

So they are coming out with an electric car for the MASSES?
Tell me who can afford a $40,0000 car?

OK so it is not all electric. Then it's a Hybrid?

Whatever it will be I think GM needs to make up it's mind. If they are going to spend the public's money on developing a car, why not try a vehicle that is truly for the masses. Stop worrying what the oil companies want... The EV, back in it's day, made much more sense than the Volt of today.

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