Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More air flow = better Mileage?

Does better airflow give you better mileage?

Mechanics at the dealership always say that a new air filter gives you better air flow and more power and fuel economy. So to keep my mileage up I regularly check my filter and change it when needed.
Now how about a high performance air filter such as K & N? They claim to help increase the airflow into the carburator or throttle body of fuel injected system. This in turn gives you more power and in most cases better fuel economy.
From the reviews it would seem that most people will get a slight power boost and better fuel economy. Installing a high performance air intake kit supposedly makes this process even better.
Some of the companies that make the kits are K & N, Weapon-R, and AirAid.
The cost of these units for my Honda van range from $126 to $361.
Is it worth it? If it guarantees better mileage I'd say so.
But I am not to sure of the increased engine noise. I don't want to draw too much attention to the van at soccer games;-)

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  1. The oil companies have us hostage in the world today so it is good to see a government put some rules on them. They can make cleaner burning fuels they don’t because of the bottom line.
    Right now there are fuel additives out there that eliminate 40-60% of the harmful emissions from exhaust,why aren’t the fuels we buy having that added to the fuel at the stations.
    I know that the fuel additive that you can get at not only reduces emissions but gives you more miles per gallon.
    Every little bit helps the environment if we all do a little it adds up to a lot,so let’s do our little share folks.