Monday, November 10, 2008

How Good or Pure is the Gas You Buy?

You always hear from some people that they are sold on their brand of gasoline. And that is all they will get for their vehicle. Some people just want to get the cheapest gas. Is there really a difference in gasoline quality from brand to brand. Aren't they all created equal?

I was just at my dealer for service and mentioned that I filled up on really cheap gas at BJs Whole Sale Club. Where upon I got an ear full on how watered down BJs gasoline is and the reason why it is so cheap.

I have a hunch that they may be correct on their assessment as I filled up my motorcycle with BJs gas. Ever since then I have been having trouble with cold starts. Coincidence? I was not getting the same results with the van. On average I was getting good mileage with BJs gas.

Now this car dealer claims to perform it's own independent testing of gasoline from different service stations in the area. They had these tests performed so that when a customer comes in with a fuel issue they can almost pinpoint it to where they last filled up their tank.

Of course, I was curious myself and asked about the other gas stations in the area. The other one that is not recommended is Delta Sonic due to its similar high water content. Mobil was not suggested as it contained a bunch of additives (cleaners). They did recommend getting gas at Citgo, Kwikfill or Sunoco. I forgot to ask about Hess as they are another big player in our area.

Now a good friend of mine swears by Shell gasoline. He claims to get the best mileage with it. Unfortunately Shell does not have any service stations in NY. My friend fills on shell before he crosses the NY border from Pennsylvania. He even fills up his portable gas tanks.

Now I'm not recommending any particular brand of gas, but when you are trying to figure out why your car is running rough or not getting the mileage you should, try a different brand of gas and see if you get better results.

If you have some independent results you want to share please comment. Thank you.

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