Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meet Halfway and You Both Save Gas.

I am always on the search for gas saving tools you can use. My goal is to reduce on the miles you drive and ultimately save on your gas expense.

Want to have extra money for that glass of wine or appetizer the next time you meet your friends for lunch or dinner. How about finding a vacation destination between long distance friends. Save gas and meet halfway between both of your locations. This way you each are only going half the distance.

So how would you find this half way point? Well, you can look on a map or Google the directions and estimate a half waypoint. This would take some time and estimation on your part. Then you need to find the restaurant or hotels within that location.

There are websites that can help make this process a little easier:

One site is: It is an established site since 2005 and allows a user to enter two to four towns representing each person wishing to meet, via zip code or a city and state combination. This information allows HappyMedian to find a location halfway between both places. They then provide the user with a list of various types of places to meet, from restaurants and bars to coffee shops and lodging. looks to help people easily find a halfway point between two locations. It allows you to search for restaurants, coffee shops, movie theatres, parks, hotels, virtually anything that you may be interested in the halfway location. That way you did not need to spend extra time and money driving out of your way for your next meeting. Meetways is available for multiple countries.

One other web site is: Aside from local connections, this one also looks to attract vacation goers who would like to meet half way for a vacation destination. One problem with this site is that it is geared for the UK only. The site for the US is still under construction.

No matter which site you use, you are helping yourself save money by driving less. Good for you and good for the environment.


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  2. is awesome! Thanks for the info, I find myself using almost everyday as my jobs needs me to meet with random people on a daily basis.