Thursday, September 11, 2008

How real is hypermiling?

If you are anything like me, I am sure you have read or heard about "Hypermiling". Per Wikipedia "Hypermiling" is a term used in North America that refers to a set of techniques used to maximize fuel economy. Those who practice the techniques are referred to as "hypermilers."

Some of the primary techniques they use are:Reducing lead foot start and stops by keeping speed as constant as possible.Use your cruise control as much as possible. Turning off the engine when coasting and when stopped for long periods.

There are even some dangerous moves they do in the name of better MPG such as drafting behind semis and driving way below the speed limit on highways.

OK so this may be a bit extreme, but dialed down a bit these methods can and will reduce your fuel consumption:

Every time you hit that gas or break pedal too hard you have used too much gas to get into that situation. So try easing on the gas. This in turn will ease your breaking. Overall you gain fuel economy and your brakes last longer.

You know, you do not have to use your cruise control on the highway only. I've actually used it at 30 MPH on a long stretch of residential road. It is easier than having to maintain the 30 MPH pace. Also a guarantee not to get a ticket by that cop sitting in that one side street.

Turning off your car's engine while driving 50 MPH down an incline can be dangerous and not my suggestion. But shutting the engine down while you wait at the drive through teller,or while you're waiting for that long train to go by. That makes more sense to me.

Driving to reduce your fuel consumption takes a little thought and can be done with positive results. Hypermiling has good intentions as long as it is done safely.

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